What are zero-rated websites?

zero-rated websites

What are zero-rated websites?

zero-rated websites are websites that can be accessed without any data or airtime, even though your data must be turned on when using the websites your data won’t be used at all.

Where do zero-rated websites come from?

Zero-rated websites are offered by the government, the network provides universities/colleges, companies, banks, and organizations. in order for you to access their services for free.

How does zero-rated websites work?

it depends on the party which is offering the zero-rated website, let’s take for example if the zero-rated website is offered by your network provider the service will only be accessible while using that network. (zero-rated websites for MTN won’t work on Vodacom or any other networks)

But if the website is offered by the government or an organization the website will be zero-rated(free) in all the networks of that country unless it gets restricted by the network provider.


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