Free SNI Bug hosts generator  for countries.
  • Select your country below.
  • Click generate
  • If the bug hosts for your country are not available, pls contact us so that we can update it for you.

If you want me to prioritize your country first, then make a donation and send the screenshot via my contacts.

If you have working sni bug hosts for your country which is not listed above you can share it via contact so that we can add it to the list.

What is an SNI Bug host and how does it work?

SNI bug hosts are zero-rated sites for your country that can be used to access free internet. Some zero-rated sites can be provided by your network providers, companies, universities, government, and much more.

In order to use the SNI bug host we use VPN apps that allow you to use a custom SNI to connect to the internet. the are lots of VPS app which has custom SNI but the most common ones are HA TUNNEL PLUS, CUSTOM HTTPS, HTTPS INJECTOR, STARK VPS, and much more.

  • Thank you for the Donation 

Video tutorial


  1. please add some Working sni for INDIA which works over all network like jio, Airtel, vi or anyone else.

    request to you ❣️

  2. better delete SNI for TTCL Tanzania, non of them are working, just a couple of weeks we had was working, for airtel Tanzania is working you only get 300mbs per day

  3. Hello, can you update Bug host for Tanzania like that of TTCL all of them have being deactivated or blocked some how we cannot use them anymore
    i will appreciate if you update new bug host for Tanzania

  4. Sorry i have try to create file for halotel but doesn’t connect please you can add more sni bug host which can creat file for Ha tunnel

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