How to add a website on Cloudflare in 2023

What is Cloudflare?
  • Cloudflare is a global network designed to make your internet connection fast, secure, private, and reliable.
  • Cloudflare provides a secure connection to your websites, APIs, and Internet applications.
  • It protects your network and devices from cyber attacks, and also Writes and deploys code that runs on the network edge.
What is a Website?
  • A website is a set of web pages located under a single domain name, website can be created by a single person, groups, businesses, or organizations for lots of purposes. In order for a website to be created it must run under a domain.
  • A domain is simply the name of your website, for example, the website ( is the domain name of the google website. there are a lot of websites that sell domain names for a website, but you can also get one for free on some websites.
What is website hosting?
  • Web Hosting is an online service that makes your website accessible to the internet, it runs your domain via a computer space that is provided to store your Website files.

Add a website on Cloudflare

step 1: create an account on Cloudflare

On the Cloudflare, website select to get started.


Put your Email, and password, and click on sign up. you can read the T&Ss if you want to before signing up.

Go to your email and verify your email. After that go back to the Cloudflare website, select the website, and add the website.


put your domain name and click add site.


Scroll down until you find free on the plans. select free and then select continue.


On the next page:

  • On automatic HTTPS rewrite click save “for free SSL”
  • Click save on always use HTTPS
  • Also, save Brotli and click on finish

on the next image scroll down and click on continue, don’t change anything.


copy server name servers and go to your domain name provider’s website.

step 2: Changing your Domain Name Server
What is a name server?
  • Name servers translate the domain name into an IP address.

Go to your domain name provide, click on your domain, and on manage DNS. If you don’t find it on yours just search for it on the search platform.


Scroll down until you find the name server.

  • Change the Nameserver and put the ones you have copied on the Cloudflare account, and save.
  • Wait for about 15 to 30 minutes and then your website will be added on Cloudflare.

How to put a VPS IP address to your domain via Cloudflare. 

Go to Cloudflare and select your website and select DNS

  1. Select Add Record
  2. put your domain name under [name(required)].
  3. put your VPS IP Address under [IPv4 address(required)].
  4. turn off Proxy status and save


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