How to setup HTTP custom for free internet 2023

How to setup HTTP custom for free internet 2022

In order to set up HTTP custom for free internet, you must first understand what HTTP custom is.

HTTP custom is a VPN mobile app that allows you to have a free and secure browsing experience, it allows its users to create their own custom ssh, by using an ssh bug host and a custom payload.

Features of HTTP custom

  • Free VPN service

HTTP custom provides you with free VPN services with no limitations. even though they get their commissions through ads, they don’t have those annoying pop-up ads on their app.

  • DNS changer / secured connection

the app changes your IP address every time you connect to it in order to protect you from hackers, government agencies, third-party apps, and other internet threats.

  • Custom SSH, TLS/SSL

the SSL and TLS Mode can allow the user to put their own Custom SNI which can be used to access free internet. on the custom SNI you can access free internet using an SNI bug host( click here for more info about SNI bug host).you have the freedom to create your own ssh connection but aside from the SNL bug host, you will need a payload.

Requirements HTTP custom free internet

  • A smartphone/tablet (with internet connection stunned on).
  • HTTP custom app
  • SNL bug host
  • payload
  • ssh server

What is a payload?

is the information which is sent to the HTTP body if any transfer encoding is being applied.

the payload can be created via the HTTP custom app or we can get it from the website which you will be creating the ssh server from.

What is an ssh server?

Secure Socket Shell(ssh), is a network protocol that gives its users, a secure way to access the internet over an unsecured network. it also encrypts data communications between two computers connecting over an open network.

How to setup HTTP custom for free internet.

Step 1(create an ssh server)

There are many websites from which you can create a free ssh server here are some recommendations. 

for this example, I will be using sshocean, but you can use any of the recommended above.

when you are on the sshocean home page, select the 3 dotted lines on the top right corner of your screen. And select ssh server.

Select the number of days you want the ssh server to last. After that, select a country you want the ssh server. for example I am going to select Singapore. on the next page put any username and password, and click create as shown below.

Once, done creating copy the username, password, host, cloudfare host, and both HTTP payload and SSL/TLS payload. since we are going to use all those on the HTTP custom app.

Step 2(setup HTTP custom)

first download http custom app and get a working snl bug host for your country from the links below.

After downloading the http custom app, open it. make sure your mobile data is turned on.

Now go to where you have saved the copied stuff and copy the second payload. paste it on the HTTP custom app under payload.

On the payload where it is written snl bug host, replace it with your bug host. as shown in the screenshot above.

Go back, select snl, and put your snl bug host there too. make sure it is the same as the one you pasted on your payload.

Go back, to where there is IP:port@user: pass. ON

  • IP: put your snl bug host
  • port: 433
  • user: put the username you created while you were creating the ssh server
  • pass: put the password you created while you were creating the ssh server.

just like shown in the screenshots below.

click on connect, and enjoy.

video tutorial

This video was removed on youtube so i used another platform to upload it, so please subscribe to my youtube channel using the link below


  1. Vincent

    Ummm it’s not working sir am in Zimbabwe,I followed all steps but nothing works

  2. GET wss://???????????/ HTTP/1.1[crlf]Host:[crlf]Upgrade: Websocket[crlf]Connection: Keep-Alive[crlf][crlf] 

  3. saeed

    It does not work with the host flag that I have, which opens for free

  4. Morganwalker

    man I tried using sshocean but it’s not working

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