How to get MTN free data in 2023

free data

MTN free data

MTN is one of the largest African network providers, which provides enterprise, voice, data, fintech, digital, wholesale, and API services to more than 285 million on the market.

There are many ways to get free data on MTN in any African country. I will show you the methods which work for most countries, I hope they will also work for yours.

Method 1: My MTN free 1GB data

This is a simple method that I think works for all MTN sims regardless of their country. in this method, you will be given 1GB of free MTN data just for downloading my MTN data.


  • Smartphone/Tablet
  • New MTN Simcard
  • My MTN app
  • Your MTN number (dail *123*888# to get your number)

Download and install my MTN app from the link above, go to your nearest supermarket and buy a new MTN Simcard (make sure it is activated). put the Simcard on your phone and open my MTN app.

free data

Put your MTN number there and click continue. remember to get your MTN number, you must dail *123*888#

Open the my mtn app and put your phone number.

free data

Once you have clicked on next, you will receive an OTP which you will enter on the app, and click continue . After that you will receive messages saying you have been credited with free 1GB of data. Dail *141# to check your balance.

free data
Method 2: MTN momo 1GB free data

MTN momo is a South African online banking service with no monthly charges. MTN momo has a lot of cheap services like buying MTN 300MB data for only R1, or 1GB MTN data for just R2. Ohh yes it is that cheap.

Requirements to register on MTN momo.
  • South African ID
  • Any SA Simcard (use MTN to get the free 1GB  data)
  • MTN momo (optional)

To register on momo you can either use their app or dial *120*151# free from your phone.

free data

Select no 1 to join MOMO, they will ask you for your South Afirca ID number, first name, surname, and adreess. fill in the required information and complete the creating your profile. MOMO will call you in order to help create a voice password, after that you must download the momo app form the link below.

free data

Select sign in, put the phone number and password which you have used to create the MOMO profile. They will send the OTP to your phone number which you will use to continue. after that you will receive your 1GB data valid for 1 day.

Method 3: VPN 100MB daily freenet

When it comes to free internet services MTN is the best. since MTN is well aware that there are some of us who use free internet via their zero-rated sites, they don’t stop their sites from working just like other network does. MTN allows us to use their zero-rated sites for free internet, but with a limit of 100MB per day.

In this method, we use VPN apps like HA tunnel, HTTP custom, etc. I will be using HA tunnel for example since it is fast and simple.

  • Telegram app
  • HA tunnel app
  • MTN Simcard

The first method is to download and install the HA tunnel app and telegram on your device using the download buttons above.

Open Telegram and search for @hafreenet or click the link below to join our telegram channel.

On our telegram channel, you will find an MTN 1ooMB HA tunnel file download and save it.

Now open the HA tunnel and select import on the right corner of your screen. navigate to the downloads where your file is being saved, and select it. 

Click start and enjoy your 100MB free daily data.


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