How to install tiny 11 on any PC

tiny 11

What is tiny 11?

  • Tiny 11 is a lite version of windows 11 customized by NTDev, it is made such that it can be installed on any 64-bit processor system with at least 2GB of ram and 8GB of memory storage.

Advantages of tiny 11?

  • It’s faster than windows 11
  • It can be installed on old computers.
  • Takes less space
  • It comes with fewer Apps (only 13 apps including windows security)
  • Boots fast

disadvantages of tiny 11?

  • There is a security risk since it was modded by people, who we don’t know their intentions. 

Requirements to install tiny 11?

  • PC/laptop (obviously)
  • Tiny 11 ISO
  • Refus
  • 8GB/Higher USB
  • 8GB/Higher storage (recommended 10GB)
  • 2GB/Higher ram

How to download tiny 11?

tiny 11
tiny 11

Click the above button, it will take you to the tiny 11 download page. Under the download options, click ISO image and click 22H2 Beta1 as shown in the images above. tiny 11 will start downloading.


How to install tiny 11?

  • To install or boot tiny 11 on your PC/laptop you will need to download tiny 11 and refus.
  • Refus is a software that will help you create the tiny 11 bootable USB

Step 1

  • Creating a tiny 11 bootable USB

Once you have downloaded both Refus and tiny 11, run Refus.

tiny 11
On Refus
  • Under Device (select your USB)
  • On the right side of Boot Selection (click select, browse to where you have saved your downloaded tiny 11 IOS, and click on it.
  • Make sure your partition scheme is correct and click Ready.
tiny 11

The Bootable USB will be created and it will look like this once it’s done.

Step 2

  • Booting tiny 11 on your PC/Laptop

Restart your PC with the bootable USB on it and enter the boot menu, the boot menu keys depend on your manufacturer for example.

  • F9 for HP
  • F12 for Lenovo & Dell

For your pc, if not the same as the ones listed above search the boot menu for (your pc name or brand).

tiny 11

Once done selecting the USB from your boot menu, It will open the tiny 11 installer which looks identical to that of the original win 11.

click next to continue

tiny 11

Select the Drive/partition you want to install your tiny 11 on and click next.

tiny 11

wait for the process to complete like this. your PC might restart after this so don’t worry.

tiny 11

now you will be asked questions like 

  • your username and password
  • security preferences 

After you are done setting up your profile it will take you to the tiny 11 desktop

tiny 11


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