how to create a .edu email for free in 2023

.edu email

What is a .edu email?

a .edu email is an email address reserved for educational institutions. some colleges, universities, etc issue them to students who apply to study at their institutions.

Feature of .edu email?
  • Free access to VPS services like AWS and Office 365 Education
  • Free access to online educational courses
  • Free access to graphic design tools
  • Free access Software designed for students.

how to create a .edu email?

  • In order to create a .edu email you need to register at a college or university which provides you with one, but the problem is that some of us are either not educated or do not qualify to register. So I do have an alternative method for you.
Step 1: Use VPN 

To create the .edu email address you need to change your location to the United States because the school which we are going to register on is from the united states.

If you are using a phone you can download any VPN app which allows you to change your location to the US. 

Mobile VPN recommendations to use
  • HA tunnel plus
  • Stack VPN
  • TunnelBear VPN
For PC

Use Chrome or any browser which allows you to add Chrome extensions. I will be using  Chrome for this tutorial.

On chrome go to settings and select extensions. at the bottom left corner of the screen. then select the 3 dots on the top left corner of the screen close to extensions and select open chrome web store.

.edu email
.edu email
.edu email

On the Chrome web store search for Browsec VPN and install the Browsec VPN extension

.edu email
.edu email

Once done installing the Browsec VPN. go back to the extension tab and on Browsec VPN select details. scroll down and turn on Allow in Incognito.

.edu email
.edu email

Now hold Ctrl+shift+N to open an Incognito window. on the Incognito window turn on the Browsec VPN extension and change the location to United States.

.edu email
.edu email
Step 2: Registering on CSN

What is CSN?

  • College of Southern Nevada CSN is the largest public college in Nevada which has more than 2,500 teaching and non-teaching staff.

Select the link above or search for on the incognito window. and select apply now.

.edu email

Now to get the required information go to you be given the fake info which you will use to register on the CSN website.

Copy the information and save it, you will need it even after using it on the CSN website.

go back to the CNS website and fill in the first name and last name using the one you got from the fakexy website.

Once done filling in the information click create my profile. on the next page, you will be asked a lot of questions.

  • Fill in all the required (*) info using the info you got from
  • make sure you put the correct names and Social Security Numbers since it is very important.
  • which they ask about your origin and race. put US citizens and the white race.

Fill in all the required info and complete the registration, after that you will be told that the registration is under process wait for up 5 days and check your email. In your email, you will see 2 messages one of them is welcoming you with a student number, while the other has the link go login to the school.

Copy the student number on the first mail and click the link on the second one.

use the

  • User id from the mail.
  • Last name which you used while creating the account 
  • on pin put the last 4 digits of the social security number used when creating the account.

And click next

.edu email

You will see something like this.

now go back and log in to the CSN account, using

  • the student id as the username
  • and for the password put the password you created while creating your account
.edu email
.edu email

After logging in click on where it says student email

.edu email
.edu email

you will be asked for a username and password.

  • Username: type your student ID and put (just like shown in the image above)
  • Password: put your password
.edu email

Now you are done creating your .edu email. thank you for reading the video tutorial coming soon.


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