How to Use V2Ray on PC (with V2RayN) quick and easy setup

Here is a simple step-by-step guide on how to use V2Ray on PC (with V2RayN), Whether you want to boost your internet speed or browse the internet securely, V2Ray is a fantastic option. Let’s dive in!

Use V2Ray on PC (with V2RayN)

Step 1: Download and Install V2RayN

First, you need to download the V2RayN application. Click here to download the V2RayN software on GitHub

  • Visit the GitHub page: using the link above or by clicking here
  • Scroll down and select ‘Releases’: Look for the latest version.
  • Download the V2RayN zip file: Choose the appropriate file for your system and download it.
V2Ray on PC
V2Ray on PC

Once you have downloaded the application, extract the zip file.

Step 2: Setting Up V2RayN

After extracting the files, open the V2RayN folder and launch the V2RayN application. You’ll notice that the application’s default language is Chinese. Don’t worry, here’s how to change it to English:

  • Open V2RayN: The application will start in Chinese.
  • Change the language: Look for the settings icon and select the language option. Choose ‘English’ (EN) from the list.
  • Restart the application: Close V2RayN and then reopen it. It should now be in English.
V2Ray on PC
Step 3: Configuring the V2Ray Client

To use V2RayN, you’ll need a V2Ray client. You can either use your own VPS to install a V2Ray client or find a free V2Ray server online. For this guide, we’ll use a free V2Ray server provided by SSH Ocean. Follow these steps:

  1. Visit SSH Ocean: click here to visit the website
  2. Select a V2Ray server: Navigate to the V2Ray section and select a V2Ray server.
  3. Choose a country: Pick a server from any country (e.g., Australia). Look for servers with available accounts.
  4. Create an account: If the server has available slots, enter your username and optional SNI (Server Name Indication).

Click here to get the SNI BUG HOST 

V2Ray on PC
V2Ray on PC
V2Ray on PC
V2Ray on PC
Step 4: Importing the V2Ray Server into V2RayN


Now that you have your V2Ray server details, it’s time to import them into V2RayN:

  1. Copy the server configuration: On SSH Ocean, copy the configuration URL.
  2. Open V2RayN: Go to the ‘Servers’ section.
  3. Import the server configuration: Select ‘Import URL from clipboard’. This will add the server to V2RayN.
V2Ray on PC
V2Ray on PC

Running V2Ray on PC

Step 5: Connecting to the V2Ray Server


After importing the server, you need to start the connection:

  1. Download the Geo file: The application will download the necessary files for the server configuration.
  2. Reload the configuration: Click ‘Reload’ in V2RayN to apply the settings.
  3. Set system proxy: Go to ‘System Proxy’ and select ‘Set System Proxy’.

Running V2Ray on PC

V2Ray on PC
V2Ray on PC
Step 6: Verify the Connection


To check if your V2Ray connection is working correctly:

  1. Check your IP address: Open your browser and search for “What’s my IP address?”.
  2. Verify the location: Ensure that the displayed location matches the server location (e.g., Australia).

If the location is correct, congratulations! You have successfully set up V2Ray on PC.

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Pros and Cons of V2RayN

Before we wrap up, let’s discuss some pros and cons of using V2RayN:

  1. Enhanced Security: V2RayN provides robust encryption, making your internet browsing secure.
  2. Bypass Geo-Restrictions: It helps you access content that is restricted in your region.
  3. Speed: V2RayN can improve your internet speed by optimizing the network routes.
  4. Customization: Offers a high level of customization for advanced users.
  5. Free Servers: Availability of free servers like SSH Ocean makes it accessible without additional cost.
  1. Complex Setup: Initial setup can be complicated for beginners.
  2. Language Barrier: The default language is Chinese, which might be challenging for non-Chinese speakers.
  3. Reliability: Free servers might not always be reliable and can go offline.
  4. Resource Intensive: This may consume more system resources compared to other VPN solutions.
  5. Learning Curve: Requires some technical knowledge to fully utilize its features.


Using V2Ray with V2RayN on your PC is a straightforward process that enhances your internet speed and security. Despite a few cons, the benefits of using V2RayN make it a worthwhile tool for many users. If you found this guide useful, please give it a thumbs up. For any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel to stay updated with our latest videos. Until next time, take care and stay secure!


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