how to connect your phone’s VPN to your PC in 2023

In today’s world, keeping our online activities private and invulnerable is crucial. That’s where Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) come in. They protect our internet connections and keep our information secure from prying eyes.

You may already understand that VPNs are regularly used on computers, however, did you know you can connect your phone’s VPN to your PC too? This powerful combination allows you to give a boost to your online presence on multiple devices, giving you more privacy and unrestricted access to the internet, and helps you get your phone’s VPN internet access to your PC if you are connected to free internet. In this blog, we’ll show you how to connect your phone’s VPN to your PC easily.

  • Free internet: If your have access to free internet on your phone via VPN it is possible to share the free internet access to your PC using this method.
  • Enhanced Security: By extending the VPN safety from your smartphone to your PC, you can make certain that all your internet activities are encrypted and secure. This helps protect your private information, online communications, and browsing history from potential eavesdroppers and data breaches
  • Seamless Device Integration: Establishing a connection between your phone’s VPN and your PC enables smooth integration between the two devices. It provides a convenient way to switch between using your phone or PC while maintaining a reliable VPN connection. This adaptability guarantees the security of your online activities, regardless of the device in use.
  • Cost Efficiency: Connecting your phone’s VPN to your PC eliminates the need to purchase separate VPN subscriptions for each device. You can leverage the VPN service on your phone and extend its benefits to your PC at no extra cost, saving you money in the long run.

connect your phone’s VPN to your PC

  • phone connected to a VPN
  • Every proxy app

How does Every proxy work?

Android does not use your VPN connection over a hotspot, which makes it harder for those who are trying to share there VPN connection via hotspot to either their friends or families.

The reason why the VPN connection is not shared via hotspot is that when connected to a VPN the phone is connected to a different IP address which is different from the one on the phone’s hotspot. In order for your VPN connection to work on your PC, both your phone and PC must be connected to the same IP address. this is where Every proxy comes into place.

Every proxy provides you with the VNP IP address and port that your phone is connected to, which will allow you to use that IP address and port to connect to the VPN connection on your PC. since both devices will be connected to the same device.

There are many Android apps that can provide similar functions as every proxy so,

Why use Every Proxy

  • Root access not required: you are required to root your phone in order to use Every Proxy.
  • No ads: Every proxy doesn’t have any annoying ads that will pop up while using the app.
  • Easy to use: Using every proxy is very simple, you don’t need any technical knowledge in order to use it.
  • Network tethering restrictions: By using Every Proxy you can avoid the network tethering charges imposed by some network providers.

connect your phone’s VPN to your PC


  1. connect to a VPN on your phone and turn on your mobile hotspot
connect your phone's VPN to your PC
  • open every proxy and turn on HTTP HTTPS
  • copy your IP address, only copy the numbers before the comma as shown the screen short bellow
connect your phone's VPN to your PC
connect your phone's VPN to your PC
  • On your  PC connect to your mobile phone’s hotspot via wifi.
  • select the Windows key+S and search for proxy settings and open it
connect your phone's VPN to your PC
connect your phone's VPN to your PC
  • Under manual proxy setup select Set up
connect your phone's VPN to your PC

Turn on use proxy server and fill in the following

  • Proxy IP address: put the IP address you copied from the every proxy app, the one which starts with 192 eg:
  • Port: 8080 (same as the one indicated on the every proxy app)

Once done click on save, Now you can be able to connect your phone’s VPN to your PC

connect your phone's VPN to your PC

In conclusion, connecting your phone’s VPN to your PC opens up a world of possibilities for enhancing your online privacy, security, and convenience. By following the steps outlined in this blog, you can seamlessly extend the protective shield of your VPN from your phone to your PC.

With this connection established, you can enjoy your free internet VPN connection on your PC. Additionally, you gain the flexibility to switch between devices while maintaining a consistent VPN connection, empowering you to browse securely on your PC.

Video tutorial:

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