how to decrypt/unlock ha tunnel files 2023

sniff/unlock/decrypt your ha tunnel files for free

When you are following the trend of free internet, you might have seen those ha tunnel files. And you wonder how they are created, well look no feather I have the solution for you.

Once, the ha tunnel file has been created it can be decrypted/sniffed/unlocked. when it is unlocked you can find the snl bug host used to create the file.

There are many ways to decrypt/sniff/unlock a ha tunnel file, but I will the easiest way out of all. the method I am about to show you is not just easy but also free, and the fastest way to decrypt a ha tunnel file.

Requirements for decrypting ha tunnel files 
  • smartphone/pc.
  • Locked ha tunnel file.
  • Telegram web/mobile/desktop.
How to decrypt ha tunnel files?

first, download and install telegram on your mobile or PC, or just use the telegram web. on your telegram search for the ha decryptor bot.

After searching for the ha decryptor bot, select start. After that send the locked ha tunnel file which you wish to unlock. 

Select the link which will be sent to you. it will take you to their website. on the website scroll down until you find the continue button. Click on continue. it will redirect you to a page where there are texts written in green. on those texts, you will find your snl bug host here. 

As you can see in the screenshot above, the snl bug host is written after custom snl. you can copy the snl bug host and create your own file with it.

The snl bug host can now be used to create the free internet connection on the ha tunnel app, HTTP custom, HTTP injector, and any other VPN app which has custom snl option on it.

Free internet can help you access the internet on your device without any data connections or wifi at all. by using the snl bug host to create a custom snl connection on your VPN app, you can access the internet for free.

video tutorial

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