How to unlock kpn tunnel rev files 2023

unlock kpn tunnel rev

What is kpn tunnel rev?

kpn tunnel rev is one of the best mobile vpn apps with provides you with a free, fast, and secured internet browsing experience.

the kpn tunnel app allows you to create your own config files to share with your friends and families so, that you can all enjoy their services.

Most people use this app to access the internet via snl bug host which allows them to use it for free internet.

Features of knp tunnel rev app
  • Direct proxy (allows Tunneling from SSH Tunnel Directly to SSH Server)
  • Direct SSL/TLS (allows Tunneling from SSH Tunnel Directly to SSH Server using SSl/TLS connection)
  • HTTP proxy (allows Tunneling from SSH Tunnel Directly to HTTP server)
How to unlock kpn tunnel rev?

If we want to unlock the knp tunnel rev, we will need an app called kpn tunnel rev unlocker.

kpn tunnel rev unlocker is a modified version of the  knp tunnel rev app with unlocks the locked kpn tunnel file which your friend or family send you.we unlock the files in order to get the snl bug host which was used to create the file.

by unlocking the file and getting the host we will be able to create our own files same as the one we have.

Requirements to unlock kpn tunnel files
  • Smartphone
  • locked kpn tunnel file
  • kpn tunnel rev unlocker app

Download and install the kpn tunnel rev unlocker app using the download link above. When done installing the open it, when interface looks like the original (unmodified) kpn tunnel rev but this one can unlock the file.

To unlock the file you must first add the file. Click on the plus icon on the top-right coner of you app, click import, located your file where you have saved it, and select the file.

After selecting your locked file it will be imported and unlocked for you. then you can be able to copy the snl bug host and create your own files


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