How to set up HTTP Injector for free Internet browsing 2023

HTTP injector

Mobile data bundles/ wifi bundles are expensive these days, which is why everyone is looking for a method to access the internet for free without buying any bundles. when the is a problem the is always a solution which I will be sharing with you.

By using VPN apps such as HTTP injector, HA tunnel, HTTP custom, etc. we can be able to config them to access the internet for free. while the process may be long and complicated I guarantee you that it is worth it in the end. Of course, if you are lazy and are just looking for a file that is  already created for you, you can

To set up an HTTP injector app for free internet you must first understand what an HTTP injector is.

  • HTTP injector is a VPN mobile app that allows you to have a free and secure browsing experience, it allows its users to create their own custom ssh, Direct connection, TLS/SSL, etc. by using an ssh bug host and a custom payload.
Features of HTTP injector
  • Data encryption (encrypts your connection so that you can surf the internet privately and securely)
  • DNS Changer (Changes your location/ IP address every time you connect to avoid hackers)
  • secured tunneling (which are)
  1. HTTP Proxy
  2.  SSH
  3. Shadowsocks
  4. DNS Tunnel (DNSTT)
  5. SSL (TLS)
  6. VMess, SOCKS, SS, VLESS
  • And much more…

Requirements for HTTP injector  free internet

  • A smartphone/tablet (with internet connection stunned on).
  • HTTP injector app
  • SNL bug host
  • payload
  • ssh server
Step 1(create an ssh server)

There are many websites from which you can create a free ssh server here are some recommendations. 

You can use any of the recommended above to create your own ssh server.


If you have you own vps

Once you are done creating your ssh account you will have something like this.

  • Host
  • Host (CloudFlare)
  • Username :sshocean-kofnet
  • Password :12334
GET wss://SNI_bug_host/ HTTP/1.1[crlf]Host: IP_host[crlf]Upgrade: Websocket[crlf]Connection: Keep-Alive[crlf][crlf]

On the payload replace SNI_bug_host with your own SNL Bug Host and also replace IP_host with the IP host given from the website you have created the SSH account

Step 2: Set up HTTP Injector

Open your HTTP injector.

HTTP Injector
HTTP Injector

On the app select the settings icon on the top right corner of your screen and select Secure Shell (SSH) as shown in the image above.

HTTP Injector
HTTP Injector

On SSH setting edit the following

  • SSH Host ( put your SSH server host)
  • SSH port (443)
  • Username (put your username)
  • Password (put your password)

After that go back to the home page and select SSL/TLS-SSH

HTTP Injector

Select everything as selected on this image. And save

HTTP Injector

past the payload and edit it like this. also edit the Remort proxy

HTTP Injector

edit remort proxy like in the image, also enable proxy Authentication and for proxy username, put your username. Put your password on the proxy password. then save

HTTP Injector

Also, edit server name indication and past your SNL bug host there

Select DNS (Google DNS) and click on start.

HTTP Injector
HTTP Injector


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